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Blog Rewind: Are you binary – yes or no?

26 Nov 2019 22:23

This blog was first written by Mike in 2012. As we approach the most important election in the UK in living history, we’ve done a bit of rewind and edit to publish it again. It may have a more specific meaning these days – am I right or wrong? Anyway, in the literal 2-state sense, […]

Blog Rewind: The only things I don’t like about Jesus are His sandals

25 Nov 2019 22:13

One challenge I have faced in moving to Spain is the choice of footwear.  I’m not alone in the dilemma of footwear choice –  the expat community seems to have discovered a variety of methods,the Scandinavian/Germanic system, pristine white trainers with Persil-white socks pulled tightly near to the knee band, the English variant, usually involving slightly […]

Blog Rewind: Where there’s life, there’s hope

25 Nov 2019 07:25

If RyanAir had a Frequent Flyer programme, I’d have Platinum membership. I wonder what the benefits would be? Perhaps an extra kilogram of luggage allowance, or a free pair of RyanAirboks, so that in the past you could run (albeit unpopularly) to grab the best seat. On one of my flights, I was struck by […]

Blog Rewind: Who do you think you are?

25 Nov 2019 06:27

I visited a school a few years ago where within a few minutes of each other I met Mrs Weaver, Head of Textiles and Mr Steele, who worked in Design & Technology.  My imagination rapidly transported me to the world of Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, where the name of the person was defined by […]

Blog Rewind: Lions, Fishing and Home Improvement

24 Nov 2019 10:20

At El Palmeral I have the largest man-shed in the world – Tim ‘the Toolman’ Taylor from “Home Improvement” would be completely at home, say this,  and probably build cars there. For me, it’s been so satisfying recycling the ‘stuff’ that was left in the shed. Old pallets have become compost bins, rusty bolts have […]

Blog Rewind (2011): on RyanAir

25 Jan 2019 14:58

It seems a little strange beginning a blog from Spain while I’m travelling back to the UK! The reality is that sitting on a plane for a couple of hours gives me the space to think back over a busy few weeks. We completed the purchase of ‘El Palmeral’ on May 24th 2011, after a […]

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