width=218Not sure whether you’ve ever read A New Kind of Christianity by Brian D. McLaren, but an excerpt from Page 1, Chapter 1 is included here to the left.

Now, we can assist you with some of the generic information that is included mysteriously in this first chapter as (shhhhh don’t tell anybody) …. We were there!

A small town in England is Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Beautiful Countryside are the grounds of Rudding Park Hotel

And The organizers who are a little worried are none other than Mike & Julie Jowett, hosts at El Palmeral, who assisted our good friend Paul in helping to bring Brian to Harrogate, to share some of his thinking.

As you read the rest of the first chapter, you see that this day, back in December a few years ago, was marked in Brian’s history as the day when his sessions were ‘picketed’ by a local congregation who leafleted our cars with a ‘biblical’ disproving of Brian’s ‘heresies’.

So why were the undoubtedly honourable folk that bothered? Well, see for yourself by watching an extract from one of Brian’s videos here.